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BORN : October 2014
BORN: 16th September 2021
Lo and Murph, mother and son, were rescued together from a dairy farm in Maine.

Lo was a staple at the dairy farm. Known for being tough as nails, she has suffered some extremely hard luck. As a heifer she split her leg open and went on to have severe hoof issues throughout her life. Brandon, bovine hoof trimmer and expert on hard cases, was able to fix 3 of her 4 hooves. The farmers had mentioned to Brandon and Brooke that they weren’t going to breed her again after she gave birth to the calf she was carrying. She had slowed down too much. To add to her issues she also had a horn that was growing into her face, right above her eye.

Brooke and Brandon asked if they could bring her home to LBF and the farmers agreed. They knew that she would need medical attention. A claw amputation surgery was her only option to insure a life free from chronic infections. They decided to schedule the procedure with their wonderful vet who's a bovine specialist.

A few days later Lorene gave birth to a bull calf. Brooke went to the farmers and asked if she could have him too and they said YES! We quickly realized that Murph definitely takes after his mother. He is by far our toughest steer but equally as sweet once you are lucky enough to have his love and trust. Now safe at Lost Boys Found, Lo and Murph will be able to live out their natural lives together. The way it should be for all mothers and their children.
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