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BORN : March 5th 2020
DIED : April 17th 2020

Eloise aka Lou. Eloise was born on a dairy farm in Maine. Brooke walked into the barn and immediately spotted her. She was so tiny that Brooke assumed she must only be a few days old. Looking at her ear tag,  Brooke quickly realized that she was closer to 3 weeks old, born a tiny preemie.
The farmer walked by while Brooke was petting her and said that he would never get any milk out of her so he was planning on raising her for veal. Brooke’s heart sank. The next morning Brooke woke up and told her partner Brandon that she couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet little calf. Without Brooke's knowledge, Brandon made a phone call to the farmer and he agreed to give her to them. Brooke knew in her heart that this tiny, compromised, baby girl wouldn’t be with them very long, but that she would love her with all her heart nonetheless. She named her Eloise in honor of Elvis.
Lou passed away from complications due to her weakened immune system and underdeveloped lungs as a result of being born a preemie. She is missed every single day and holds a special place in everyone's hearts as the first calf, and queen, of Lost Boys Found. 
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