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LOST BOYS FOUND is currently home to 3 young calves, Hank, Linus and Ace. You can read their stories and all about them here. You can also read the story of Eloise, the first calf Brooke rescued, and last but certainly not least, read the story of the former veal calf, turned King, who inspired it all. Stay up to date with everything Hank, Linus and Ace get up to via our social media pages.
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BORN : 03 / 05 / 20

Eloise was born on a dairy farm in Maine. Brooke walked into the barn and immediately spotted her...

DIED : 04 / 17 / 20


BORN : 12 / 04 / 20

Linus was born on a cold December morning in Lebanon, Kentucky...


BORN : 04 / 17 / 20

On the chilly April morning that Eloise passed away, in Maine, Hank was born...


BORN : 03 / 10 / 21

Ace was the first born of twin bull calves on a farm in Maine...

The one who inspired it all : ELVIS
Many years ago Brooke was living in NYC and decided she’d like to volunteer at an animal shelter. Wanting something a little different than domestic pets, she found herself in upstate NY at a sanctuary for farm animals. On her first day of volunteering, she met Elvis. She had never seen a cow that big and quickly discovered why. Male dairy calves are never allowed to grow past infants. She was told that almost all of them are sold for veal. In Elvis' presence and in that moment she knew that her life would never be the same.
After years of volunteering she was hired as an Animal Caregiver. Elvis and Brooke's bond was undeniable. With Elvis, Brooke had found her soulmate, and it was apparent to everyone that he had found his human. Someone that loved him with every fiber of her being, and who would be by his side while he enjoyed his golden years, sleep next to him in the barn when he was struggling, and be there holding his head during his last moments in this world.
Losing Elvis was earth shattering for Brooke but he sparked a fire in her that has been the driving force behind Lost Boys Found. There is only one Elvis but she couldn't shake the thought that if given the chance, all of those boys could grow up to become just as otherworldly and magical as him. She knew she had to do something in his memory. Something to help as many little veal calves as she could. Something to make him proud. This is all for, and because of him.