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Lost Boys Found is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Kentucky providing a safe and loving forever home for cows and calves born into the dairy industry. The farm was founded in 2021 by Brooke Burbee in memory of Elvis. The former veal calf, turned King, who stole her heart. You can read more about Elvis' story here.
Brooke and her partner Brandon met when he came to trim the hooves of Elvis, and the other large steer, at the sanctuary where she was working as an Animal Caregiver. Brandon is a bovine hoof trimmer, and one of the best out there. He takes care of many sanctuary cows up and down the east coast, but his main customer base is dairy farms.
Brooke left the sanctuary and started working with Brandon in early 2020. During the first few months she realized this was where she was supposed to be in order to make a difference. Building trust and having working relationships with farmers enabled EloiseHank, Linus and Ace to be spared in the first year of LBF. So, in memory of the first steer she loved, Brooke started Lost Boys Found so she can provide a home for more cows in need.
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