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BORN : December 4th 2020

Linus was born on a cold December morning in Lebanon, Kentucky. His mom had a difficult time having him, resulting in Linus having massive swelling in his brain making him unable to walk. A neighbor who owns a dairy called Brandon and said he had a two day old bull calf that can’t walk. He said that Brooke could have him if she wanted. Upon arrival at the dairy, with one glance Brooke knew he needed their help. Brandon and Brooke got him back to the farm and put him in the small heated calf room to warm him up. He was hardly eating and had no control of his legs. Multiple times a day they helped him up in a sling and slowly he started baring his own weight. But he still couldn’t figure out how to stand on his own. Over the next few days his appetite increased and he continued getting injections of multiple medications to improve his overall health and mobility. On the 4th morning, Brooke went to give him his morning bottle and found him standing all by himself!
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