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BORN : March 2015
BORN : March 5th 2022
Trip was born on a dairy farm.  Her mother, a Holstein cow, was bred to a Charolais bull. From birth Trip’s sole purpose was set. She was to come of age and at approximately 2 years old, she would be bred every year and have each one of her babies taken away after raising them for 6 months. Each would be sent to slaughter for meat. When she could no longer breed, she herself would then be sent to slaughter too. She has had 2 babies that have already suffered this fate before her rescue.
Before Trip came to LBF, she was living with a herd of Black Angus cows, including a Black Angus bull. She had only been with the bull for a short time and we knew the possibility of her being pregnant was there when we brought her home. Our vet has confirmed that Trip is going have a baby!!  She is due around March 2022!

In the early hours of March 5th, Trip gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl we lovingly and appropriately named Boomer. She is a feisty fireball and we have loved watching the bond these two share. We are so excited to give them both a life free from the fear of ever being separated. They are truly and undeniably in love.
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