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BORN : March 2015
Trip was born on a dairy farm.  Her mother, a Holstein cow, was bred to a Charolais bull. From birth Trip’s sole purpose was set. She was to come of age and at approximately 2 years old, she would be bred every year and have each one of her babies taken away after raising them for 6 months. Each would be sent to slaughter for meat. When she could no longer breed, she herself would then be sent to slaughter too. She has had 2 babies that have already suffered this fate before her rescue.
Before Trip came to LBF, she was living with a herd of Black Angus cows, including a Black Angus bull. She had only been with the bull for a short time and we knew the possibility of her being pregnant was there when we brought her home. Our vet has confirmed that Trip is going have a baby!!  She is due around March 2022!

We are so excited to be able to give her a life without the fear of being deprived of mothering yet another baby. We know she will be the fiercest mama, and we can’t wait to watch her live out the rest of her life, with her baby by her side. Countdown to the first baby born at Lost Boys Found is on!!